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How do I turn on Exchange integration?

When you are ready to set up the Exchange integration for your attachedapps account, you simply have to follow a few easy steps to enable that functionality.

1.  Go to SETTINGS.

2. Click on EXCHANGE tab.

3. Check the box to "Enable Exchange integration".

4. Check the box that explains that you will now need to log in using your Exchange email address.

5. Enter your Exchange Email and Password.  Click SAVE.

You will be logged out of attachedapps.  The next time you log in (using your Exchange email address) you will have access to all the Exchange integration features (e.g. Outlook Import, Contact Sync, Email Tracking).

Please note the password you supply here is always encrypted and is not readable by anyone. For uninterrupted use of attachedapps integration features, kindly ensure that this password is updated in attachedapps any time it is changed in Exchange/Outlook. Failure to do so will suspend this integration with attachedapps.



If you have any concerns about this access, kindly consult attachedapps Terms of Use which outlines our responsibilities and the integrity of your organization’s confidential information.


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