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What is the Outlook Mail App for attachedapps?

Our Outlook Mail App (OMA) is one of the features of attachedContacts.  Once installed, it can be accessed and used with either Outlook Web App or Outlook desktop version. 

As with other Microsoft Outlook Add-ins, our OMA shows up in the grey bar just above the email body content.


When you click on the attachedContacts link, the OMA will load and will search to see if the email address of the sender is already in attachedContacts.  If the email address is not recognized by attachedContacts, you have the option to add the contact record into attachedContacts directly from Outlook.  All you have to do is click on "ADD TO ATTACHEDCONTACTS" button and you will get a screen where you can fill in other data for the contact.  If there are potential matches for this contact you can just add the email address to an existing contact or create a new contact record. 


There are a couple of ways you can launch attachedapps directly from the Outlook Mail App:

1)  You can use the deep link "Open attachedapps".  This will launch the apps in a web browser, and log you right in to the apps.

2)  If you click on the deep link for a contact that is listed in the OMA, it will launch the apps in a web browser, log you in and take you to attachedContacts directly into the detail of the record you linked from.

If you use deep links in our Outlook Mail App when running desktop Outlook, they will open in IE instead of your default browser.  This is because Outlook is running the app in IE. 

You’ll have a different experience if you use deep links while running our mail app in the Outlook Web App.  There, the deep links will open up in the browser you are already using.

 You can also search attachedContacts directly from Outlook using the OMA.  Simply type your search into the search box at the top of your OMA screen. 

This will allow you to easily find phone numbers or email addresses for any contact that has been added to attachedContacts without ever leaving your Outlook email screen.

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