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How do I manage licenses for users?

UPDATED:  April 2016


The Firm Administrator can easily administer user licenses for attachedapps.

To activate and deactivate licenses for individual staff members simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to STAFF tab.

3. At the Staff grid you can activate and deactivate licenses by selecting the appropriate check boxes on the grid under each of the apps. 


Please note that you can only make such changes for staff members that are designated as "Active" and that have an attachedapps login created for them.  As you add or subtract adds for individual staff members you will see the Current Monthly Fee for All Staff Members updated to reflect your changes as you make them.


NOTE: Staff member(s) will need to log out and log back into attachedapps in order to see any changes that are made to their user account.




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