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How do I invite other users to attachedapps?

As an administrator for attachedapps, you can invite coworkers to join you at any time.  It is a very simple process. Here are the steps:

1.  Go to Settings and then to Staff tab.

2. Click on the INVITE.

3.  At the next screen, you'll notice that the domain part of the email address is already filled in.  All you have to do is fill in the prefix of the email address for the user you wish to invite into attachedapps.

You can add as many email addresses here as you would like.  Once you have those entered, simply click on SEND and the invitations will be sent out via email. 

That's it! When the staff member you invite receives the email, they will be able to create their attachedapps account.  After that, you will see them added in the Staff tab.  From there, you can manage their licensing and security role.

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