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How do I add a new user in attachedapps?

UPDATED November 4, 2015

NOTE:  If you registered for attachedapps before October 31, 2015 this process applies to you.  If you registered after October 31, please see article on how to invite users into attachedapps.


When your company first registers for attachedapps the application accesses a list of your organization's active Office 365 users to create the Staff Member records in attachedapps.  Any new staff members that were not added originally will need to be added manually.  But don't worry - it's a very simple process. 

 Here's how you do add new users:

1.  Go to Settings and then to the Staff tab

2. Click on ADD to add a new record


3. At the next screen, enter all of the information for your new staff member

(a) Enter the name of the company that this staff member should be associated with. Typically, all staff members will be associated with the same company but you may need to enter a contract worker that is associated with another company so we give you the flexibility to do that.

(b) Enter new staff member's first name.

(c) Enter new staff member's last name.

(d) Enter new staff member's initials.

(e) You can select a class to assign to the staff member from the drop-down list.

(f)  You can assign the new staff member to a team or department.

(g) You can assign the new staff member to a region or office location.

(h) In order for the staff member to use attachedapps, the email address you enter here must be a valid Office 365 email address.  Check the Exchange Integration check box so that the staff member will have an active integration with Exchange. 

4. Once you add the new staff member record and save it.  You can go into the detail of the record and select CREATE LOGIN so that the user can be added to our portal and they will then get credentials emailed to them so that they can log in to attachedapps.


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