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What is the Settings area for?

UPDATED July 2016

In order to make the most out of your firm's attachedapps experience it is important that you take some time to review the configuration and set-up. 

The Settings area in attachedapps is where you can go in to customize the apps, assign security roles, administer licensing and much more. 

My Preferences - Each staff member can select to have all contacts that are added to attachedapps sync to their Outlook as well as designate which Email notifications they wish to receive when Follow-up items assigned to them are added or changed.

Automation - Use this area to set up triggered Follow-up items.  It is a system of action/reaction preference setting where Administrators and Team Leaders can create automatic Follow-up items based on a set of rules.

Org Name - Here is where you can enter the name of your company along with  the main point of contact for your firm.

Lists/Dropdowns – There are several dropdown lists throughout attachedapps which can be customized to best suit the needs of your organization.  In this tab you can go in to add new values, edit existing values, delete unwanted items or merge any duplicate values for your dropdown lists.

Staff - You can invite, activate and deactivate users from the Staff tab.  Administer attachedapps licensing and security for each of your users and know the cost to your firm when you make a change in licensing.

App Billing - you can activate and maintain payment information for your subscription on this tab .

Email Tracking – If you wish to have email correspondence tracked in the apps, you will need to enable it here.

Numbering - Here you can assign the next Opportunity or Project number that should be assigned to a new record.

Support Partner - This tab will tell you who the firm's partner of record is.  If you wish for that partner to have administrative rights to configure your database, you can express that on this tab.

Restore - If a user accidentally deletes a contact, sales or customer record in the apps, the Administrator can restore such records from this tab.  We save deleted records for 60 days before they are permanently deleted.

Exchange - connect your Office 365/Exchange account here to unlock additional integration features for Outlook.


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