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How do the filters in Sales grid work?

The filters on the Sales grid are designed to help you get to the information you need about your sales pipeline as quickly and easily as possible.

1. Status - You can pull up sales opportunity records based on the status of the opportunity.  Stalled means that the opportunity is in a stage that as been there longer than the number of Stage days you selected when you created your stages.  Overdue opportunities are those that exceed your Target Closing Date.



2.  Sales Resource - using this filter will pull up a listing of opportunities based on who the assigned Opportunity Owners are.


3. Target Closing - allows you to pull up a listing of opportunities based on the Target Closing Date assigned to the opportunity.  This helps with sales forecasting and budgeting.


4.  Sales Stage - filtering by Sales Stage makes it easy to view a list or run a Sales report based on what stage in the sales pipeline an opportunity is in.


5.  Opportunity Type - You can run reports based on your custom list of opportunity types.



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