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Ho do I add a new Sales Opportunity?

UPDATED:  JUNE 30, 2015


You can easily and quickly add new sales opportunity records in attachedapps.

From the Sales grid you can click ADD. 


You can also click ADD directly from your Dashboard.


Both of those ADD links will open up a detail screen where you can then proceed to add your information for the opportunity.


(a) Opportunity Name - you can assign any opportunity name you would like to your new opportunity.

(b)  Primary Contact - type in the name of the primary contact for this opportunity record.  Auto search invokes as you begin to type.  Note that the contact record must already exist in attachedContacts.

(c) Sale Amount - enter the target sale amount here (in whole dollars, no decimals).

(d) Target Closing - Enter the anticipated date this sale will close.

(e) Sales Stage - select a stage from the drop-down list.  Stage Date will default to current date but you can change it.

(f)  Lead Source - select a value from the list to indicate where this lead came from (e.g. company website, email campaign, trade show, etc.).

(g)  Referred by - If the opportunity was referred to you by an existing contact, you can designate that using this field.  A search of the contact name will begin as soon as you start typing.

(h) Opportunity Type - Select a value from the drop-down list to indicate the type of opportunity this is.

(i)  Status and Status Date - select an opportunity status from the drop-down list and a corresponding date.

(j)  Opportunity Memo - you can enter any short memo here that you want to be able to view when you pull up this opportunity.  For more detailed and dated notes and tasks, you should use the Follow-up tab.


Once you enter all the information for your new opportunity, hit SAVE.  This will then populate the Opportunity Contacts tab with the information for the Primary Contact on the opportunity.


From there, you can go through the tabs on your screen to fill in additional information for your sales opportunity.

  • Contacts Tab Opportunity Contacts: the primary contact you selected when you first created this opportunity will appear in this section.  You can add any additional contacts related to this opportunity by clicking on SELECT. Opportunity Owners – here is where you can select the Staff Members that are assigned to this opportunity.
  • Follow Up tab – you can add, edit or delete any note or task that is associated with this opportunity on the Follow Up tab. Items entered with a Follow-up date will be automatically pushed out to Follow-Up area in the app. These become tasks that can be assigned and tracked until completed.
  • Email tab – you can profile email correspondence specific to your opportunities through the Email tab.  You can also create, reply or forward emails associated with the opportunity from this tab.  For more information about setting up parameters for tracking email for your opportunities, please see our article on Email Tracking.


You can also add a new Opportunity directly from the Contacts detail screen.

The contact that you have selected in the detail screen will become the Primary Contact for the new Sales record you add.


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