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How does Email tracking work in attachedSales?

UPDATED: April 25, 2016

We make it very simple to track Email for your Opportunities through the Contact-based Email Tracking feature.

When enabled, Email correspondence between staff members and designated email addresses for the related Opportunity Contacts will be displayed under the Email tab.

The Settings tab for Email Tracking is pictured below. As noted in the text, there are choices to both Enable Email Tracking generally (or not), and then two choices for how you would like for Email tracking to be implemented.

If your firm Administrator chooses the "Automatically select all Email addresses for Tracking" option, we will update the PRIMARY Email address for every contact record in your database by turning on the "Track Email" checkbox.  From that point forward all Email correspondence between staff members and those email addresses will be tracked accordingly.

The default choice is "Manually select Email addresses for Tracking".  With this option, you can selectively pick and choose which Email addresses you wish to have Email correspondence tracked for in the Email tabs..



 Below as an example of Email tracking in Sales.  This feature allows you to see a history of all email correspondence with your sales prospects in one central location without the need for forwarding emails or remembering to copy other co-workers in your emails.


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