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How do I add Follow-up items to Sales Opportunities?

UPDATED April 5, 2016

Tracking call notes and "to do's" are very import functions to successfully move your sales opportunities through your sales pipeline.  With the Follow-up feature in attachedapps, we make it easy and simple to do just that.





From your Sales detail screen you can go to the Follow Up tab where you can select to add either a Follow-up (to do item) or a note.

If you choose to add a Follow-up, you'll need to enter a subject and a due date.  By default Follow-ups are assigned to the staff member that is logged in but you can assign items to any other active staff member in attachedapps. 

You can also set up email notifications for Follow-up items in the Settings area according to your preference.

If you need to add a note (e.g. notes from a call with a prospect), simply click ADD NOTE and enter your notes directly into the sales opportunity record.

The date stamp for your Follow-up items give you a nice trail of interactions you or any other staff member have with your prospects.

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