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How do I add a note or task for one of my contacts?

UPDATED July 2016.

You can use the Follow-up feature in attachedapps to better manager your contacts by adding notes or follow-up items directly on the contact record so that you can keep a running history of all your interactions with that contact.

It is a very simple process to add a new note or task for a contact record.  Here's how:


1. Find the contact you wish to add a new Follow-up for and go to that contact's detail.

2. At the contact detail screen, select the FOLLOW UP (green) tab.  There you can choose to add a new Follow-up or add a new Note.  You'll want to use Follow-up for items for noting tasks that need to be completed by a certain date and assigned to specific staff members.  Use Notes to enter such things as meeting notes or call notes. 

3.  When you select to add a new Follow-up, you'll get a form with the following fields:

(1) Subject - enter a brief title to identify your Follow-up item.

(2) Assigned to -  will default to the currently logged in user.  If you wish to assign this task to another staff member simply enter their last name to find them on the staff member list and select them from the list.

(3) Description - this is not a required field but can be used to enter more detailed notes either at the time you create the Follow-up item or just before marking the item complete.

(4) Due Date - enter the date you need this item to be completed by.


 Note that we also record the "Entered by" information.  Once an item is marked complete, we also record the "Completed by" info.

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