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How do I add a new contact?

UPDATED: April 26, 2016


There are several ways to add new contacts into attachedapps.  For example, you can add new contacts using the Outlook Mail App.  You can also bulk import contacts using the Outlook or File Import function.

If you simply wish to quickly add a new contact in manually, here's how:

1.  From the Dashboard or your Contacts grid select ADD.  This will take you directly to the contact detail screen where you can enter your contact's information.



2.  You must enter at least a First Name, Last Name or Company name in order to save your new contact record.


Contact Type - Although not required, you can use the Contact Type field to assign a classification to your contact that can better define the relationship of this contact to your company.  For example, you can have a contact type of "vendor" which will allow you to run listings or reports of all your vendors.  The values in your Contact Type field can be customized to best fit the needs of your firm.

Sync Contact - by checking this box, you are indicating that you would like this contact to be synchronized with your Outlook contacts.

Company - If the contact you are adding is for a company that may already exist in your database, you can search for the company name. Otherwise the company name will be added to the  Companies list.

Company/Full Name - this field will auto-populate based on what you enter above.

Status - you can create your own list of status values and then designate the status for your contact along with a status date.  Assigning a status to your contacts allows you to filter for specific lists of contacts on your Contacts grid.

Hit the SAVE button after you fill in the relevant information. 

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