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What are "Shared" Address and Phone types and how do they work?

In order to make it easier to maintain main phone numbers and addresses for contacts that are associated with the same company, we have included a feature that facilitates shared types.  A phone number or address can be designated as "shared".  This means that when selected, the phone number or address you add to your contact will be shared with all other contacts from that same company. 

For example, if ABC Paper Company has one main phone number and mailing address, I would set them up as “shared” so that each of the 10 contacts I have in my database for ABC Paper Company will reflect this same main address and phone number. When I add a new contact for ABC Paper Company, the shared phone and address information will automatically populate for the new contact.

You can tell that a phone or address is shared when you see the shared  symbols next to the phone number or address.  You will also be prompted when you select a shared type to remind you that the information will be shared with other contacts from the same company.

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