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How do I import my Outlook contacts into attachedContacts?

UPDATED: April 26, 2016


You can import your contacts from Outlook at any time by simply selecting the “Outlook Import" button located at the top of the main Contacts screen. 

This will import the contacts from your main Contacts folder in Outlook.


When you select the Outlook Import, you will get a confirmation screen that alerts you to the fact that it may take a few minutes to fetch a listing of your Outlook contacts.


If you select YES, you'll see a "working" screen and eventually a screen that presents you with a listing of your Outlook contacts. 

From here, you can either choose to "Select All" records for import, or filter down your list by searching for specific contacts. 

The "Import X Contacts" button will update each time you select more records to import and keeps track of the number of contact records that will be imported. 

To save time and data entry, when you run an import from Outlook you can opt to add data or create Sales Opportunities or Customer Projects for the selected contacts.


A few tips: 

  • You can import contacts anytime. The app will remember which contacts you imported before and will present a list of contacts you have never imported.

  • Import works from your main Contacts folder in Outlook (or Outlook Web App). 

  • Contacts you import from Outlook will automatically be set to "sync to Outlook". This means any changes you make to the contact in attachedContacts will update the contact record in Outlook and vice versa.
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