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Product Updates June 27, 2016

Triggered Follow-up Items

 We are introducing a system level “action/reaction” preference in settings where Administrators and Team Leaders can create automatic follow-up items or groups of follow-up items based on a set of rules.

 For example, you can set up an automation for when the first opportunity owner is selected on a Sales Opportunity to automatically generate a single or a group of Follow-up items.

 Here's how it works.  In SETTINGS you will find a new "Automation" tab.  You simply select ADD to create a new Follow-up automation.



In the example below, a Follow-up item will be created when an Opportunity Owner is assigned to a Sales Opportunity.

Based on how we set up the Triggered Follow-up that is related to this automation, we would expect the following:

a) the Subject on the Follow-up item created would be "Call prospect to schedule demo".

b) the item would be assigned to the Opportunity Owner.

c) the follow-up item would be set to be due 1 day from the day it gets created.


This automation would create a Follow-up item that looks like what is pictured below. 

If the Staff Member that is assigned to the Follow-up has their preferences set up accordingly, an email alert will be sent out to let them know about this new task that has been created and assigned to them.

You can set up multiple Triggered Follow-up Items for each Automation depending on your business workflow.


Enhanced File Import

You now have the ability to add optional information to your contacts at the time you perform a File Import.

For example, you can now assign Contact Types and Contact Lists to your imported contacts. 

You can also create Sales Opportunities and Customer Projects for each of your imported contacts and assign them to specific stages and owners - all in one easy step!



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