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Product Updates April 4, 2016

Follow-up vs. Notes

We have expanded the use of the Follow-up feature by adding Follow-up vs. Notes capabilities. 

Now you can more easily distinguish items that require a future action vs. notes that are entered as part of the history of a Contact, Sales Opportunity or Customer Project.

From the record detail, you can click on ADD FOLLOW-UP or ADD NOTE.  The Subject line will be preceded with "Note" on the detail grid to more easily identify Notes vs. Follow-up items.


The filters on the main Follow-up grid have also changed to make it easier and faster for you to find Follow-up items.

Category - lets you filter for Complete, Incomplete, all Follow-up or Notes.

Related to - select from Contacts, Customers or Sales

Assigned to - helps you narrow down the Follow-up items you see on the grid based on who is assigned to them.


 Automatically Sync all Contacts to Outlook

We've added a user preference under Settings > My Preferences which allows you to choose to automatically sync to Outlook any contact that is added to attachedapps. 

Once checked this setting will sync any newly added contact to your Outlook address book whether you add it or someone else from your organization adds it.

Note: We only recommend using this feature in special circumstances. If you need help or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at





New Status filter in Contacts

You can now filter your Contacts grid by Contact Status to more easily find the records you wish to work with. 

By selecting one or multiple items from the drop-down list only the contacts with the corresponding status will appear on your grid.


Mobile v 2.0

We are pleased to offer new and improved features in attachedapps for Mobile.

You'll find that the response times in this version are a lot faster and changes you make in the Mobile app are immediately updated in the web app.

(1) You can now add new contacts directly into attachedapps from your Mobile.  Simply click on the  at the top of your screen to pull up a form to add new contacts. Once you're in the contact details you can now also edit the phone number, email address, or address for existing contacts.

(2) When searching for contacts from your attachedapps database, you can now filter your list down by Contact Lists.

(3) Now you can access Follow-up items from your Mobile device.

(4) When you click on the Follow-up Icon on the main screen, the Mobile app will display items that are Incomplete and assigned to you.

(5) You can go into Follow-up Detail to either edit the record or if done, mark it complete.



Note: These updates to the Mobile app are currently available for Android devices only.  The iOS version has been submitted to the store and we hope to have it available soon. If you'd like to be contacted when it's available, please email us at

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    Sheldon Morey

    Yeah!!! The mobile update for Follow-up should eliminate me having to make double entries in Outlook and AttachedApps  for my  Android Phone Outlook calendar appointments.  Sheldon Morey 

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    Pat Murphy

    Hi Sylvia - the downside of you guys adding all these nice upgrades that work out-of-the-box is that I miss our Support calls! 


    Pat M

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