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Product Updates March 7, 2016

Enhanced email notifications for Follow-up

In Settings under the MY PREFERENCES tab, you have some new selections you can make which determine the type of email notifications you receive when Follow-up items are assigned to you.

For example, if I select to have attachedapps "Send me a Daily Digest of Follow-up Items assigned to me", I would get an email notification similar to the one below listing all items that are due on that day and are assigned to me.

From this email, I can then choose to mark the items complete, mark complete and add a new item or if I want to see more details I can choose to view items in attachedapps.  

Additional columns in Sales and Customers

We have added some columns within Sales and Customers to provide you with more information at a quick glance.

From the main Sales grid, you can now view and sort by the Stage Date column.  In Customers grid you now have Project Stage and Stage Date columns available.

When viewing record detail we've also added some columns to the tabs for Sales and Customers. 

For example, on the Sales tab, you can now see Opportunity Type, Sales Stage, Stage Date, Sale Amount and Target Closing date columns.



On the Customers tab, we have added Project Type, Project Stage and Stage Date.


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