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Product Updates February 4, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we now provide the ability for you to save files for your Contacts, Sales and Customer records in attachedapps.

 The new FILES tab allows you to easily add files such as documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, pictures, videos, etc.



In the Associated Files area, you can see the following information:

1. Select - allows you to select a file from the list and enables the ability for the owner to delete or replace the selected file.

2. File Name - the name of the file that has been uploaded.  Clicking on the file's hyperlink will give you the option to open or save the file.  If you upload two files with the same name for a given record, we will append a " -copyX" to the file name so that you know which is the original file.

3. Added - shows you the date and time the file was uploaded.

4. Owner - the file owner is the user that added the file.  While all users can view files that are added, only file owners can delete a file or replace it with another file. 


You can use the Filter field in Files just like in other areas of attachedapps to search for a specific file.

Please note there are size limitations in Files.  A single files cannot exceed 10MB and as a company, you have up to a 20GB storage capacity.


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    Sheldon Morey

    Just great, attached the project file from one note, setup Customer Project in AttachedApps, named the OneDrive for business folder/notebook with the project # from aA.

    Works well and used to link to OneDrive for business service.


    It would be nice if the service could be a link so storage of files wasn't an issue long term. 

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    Cina Martinez

    This sounds so good - can't wait to start using it!

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